Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012? That just sounds weird. Of course, I still feel like 1990 was only like 10 years ago. :) Saw that on Pinterest and had to laugh because I totally do still feel this way. Does that mean I'm getting old? Jason and I stayed home as always. We had a fun night. Appetizers for dinner, watching the ball drop on tv, champagne and a kiss at midnight and then right to sleep.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? We did but nothing too extravagant.
  • Go to church. Really. Quit TALKING about going to church and just do it.
  • Be more present and PLAY more with the kids. When did we get too busy to play?
  • Keep the house neater. This one's gonna be the toughest.
  • Eat healthier and exercise more. No specific weight goals. Just get healthier.
  • And go to bed earlier. Seriously. Mama needs her sleep!

And that's about it. I would add two more personal goals and those are to:

  • Open the Studio 456 Etsy shop and
  • Keep up with this blog.

2012 is sure to be better than 2011. We were sick more in the last year than in all seven years J and I have been married, I think! No way that could happen two years in a row, right? Happy New Year!

Oh, and I'm also going to try to do this photo challenge: (of course, I found it on Pinterest too.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

If you're reading this...

If you're reading this, leave me a comment about your favorite Studio 456 item or suggest a product you'd like to see in the future.  I'd love to hear from you.  And might have a giveaway to the first person who comments.  :)

Merry Christmas to me!

I am getting a Christmas gift every single day this weekend and all next week too.  What's my gift?  My hubby is off work and home with us! Woohoo!  And we have nothing much planned for this week at all except baking and decorating Christmas cookies, driving around to look at Christmas lights and just enjoying being together.  Oh and potty training Audrey.  Fun, fun!  :)  She is 2 1/2 and finally decided she does not want to wear diapers anymore.  I am hopeful.  Today is the first day and so far we've had 4 accidents already.  This mama is tired and it's only 1pm!  I've got some craft projects I'd like to work on this week.  If I do get them done, I'll post about it here.  But I'm taking a relaxed attitude about it and I don't think I'll feel too bad if I don't get a lot done. Goodness knows, we work so hard the rest of the year and stay so busy that we have definitely earned a little relaxation time!

Hope you get some down time too! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Facebook and The Challenge

I just love Facebook. Through Facebook, I am able to keep up with my friends and family all over the world. Whenever I have a problem, I just post it on Facebook and 99% of the time one of my Facebook friends comes through for me. Here are just a few examples of how this has happened ifor me recently:
  • I was staying in Oklahoma for a month and was looking for a pack and play to borrow or buy cheaply. I posted it on Facebook and sure enough, a friend's mom brought me one. Magic! Thanks, Jeanna! (And your mom too.)
  • More recently, Jason had to go home to Oklahoma for his grandma's funeral. He needed a garment bag to take his suit on the airplane. What happened? I asked where to buy one and our neighbors let us borrow one. Thanks, Cox family!
  • That same weekend, I was getting ready for the open house. I had worked for DAYS getting ready and now Jason was (very understandably) out of town and we had no one to watch the kids for me. Once again, Facebook came to my rescue. Thanks our neighbor, Mandy, for watching our kids, free of charge!
  • And just one more example (I could go on and on!). I'm sure I mentioned earlier about my love/hate relationship with sewing. When I was making the aprons for the kids, my sewing machine was acting up and I could NOT figure out how to fix it. So I posted a picture on Facebook and my sweet friend in Mississippi took one look at the picture and told me how to fix it. Wowee! Thanks to her help, I was able to adjust the tension on my machine, start over and completely finish the projects in under two hours. Thank you, Sarah!
Yep. Facebook is awesome. Another reason I love it is because I'm able to keep in touch with friends - new and old. A new friend and I were talking late one night about our businesses and she was able to give me advice about pricing and getting more customers. (Thanks, Alissa!) And the same night, I was talking to a friend from elementary school who has her own jewelry business. She and I were discussing how difficult it is to get out of your comfort zone and overcome shyness to make your business grow. I want to share with you a bit of the message I sent to her. I want to record it here so when I'm feeling discouraged, I can come back and read this. I just bet I'm gonna need it.
You can do it! If I can, I know you can. I was/still am SO SHY and awkward around people I don't know! But you know what? I CAN and WILL be successful at my business. I CAN and WILL overcome my shyness and step out of my comfort zone to make my business grow and thrive. I have to! I don't know but I feel like God wouldn't be telling me to go out and do this thing if I was going to fail. I believe He gave me the idea for this and through Him, I can succeed. Now if only I can get off my lazy behind tomorrow and get some work done! lol
I'll make you a deal... If you do at least one event before June, then I will too. I said June because it takes a while to find what you want to do, get it set up, do the event (craft show, bridal expo, etc) and still live your every day life. What do you say? It is really going to be a stretch for me to step out and do it but I will if you will. :) It is HARD to sell your products! At least with my products, I want to give people a good deal, not charge them too much but still make a profit and pay myself back for all my hard work. And when people don't buy I start to second guess my work, my prices, EVERYTHING! But I just have to quit listening to that negative self-talk and say "Hey, I can do this!" But it sure is easier said than done sometimes. :) I believe in you. And YOU are an inspiration to me too, my sweet friend. Thank you for those kind words and if ever you need a little encouragement, just let me know. I know you'll do the same for me. Thanks for being my friend. Love you!

Sometimes Facebook is just awesome technology.  Through it, I keep up with my friends and family, have received help more times than I can count and am growing my business and challenging myself too.  Now to start making products for a craft show for my challenge.  And signing up for my first craft show too.  Woohoo!  Let's go!</p>

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nothing is original

I came across this post from a friend on Facebook and I just love it. Sometimes I can be so hard on myself for not being more original. I have got to quit that.

What a week!

Well it has been a busy week around here. I had the open house/craft show last Saturday and it was really fun. Of course I stayed up WAY too late the night before getting everything ready, so by the time for the show, I was EXHAUSTED! But I set up all of my products, got everything priced and had a fun time talking to the people who came. I am learning to get out of my comfort zone and actually TALK to people who are looking at my products and believe me, that is not easy for me! I sold a few things and got an order for a custom banner, so I'm really pleased. It was nice to get out of the house and do something for my new little business.
Later in the week, we all were fighting off colds. This year has been the worst for us! We've had more sickness and sad things happen in 2011 than ever before. I'm very much looking forward to 2012 and the happy, good things ahead.
Now I'm trying to decide whether to open an Etsy shop, sell my products on eBay or do craft shows. I may try one of those options and then gradually add another. Eventually I'd like to do more parties and invitations and less gift items. I am happy to have gotten a little bit of exposure at the open house last weekend. I got my business card into lots more hands and that can't be a bad thing. I also got to talk to some other small business owners (Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, Scentsy and Lia Sophia consultants) and I'm thinking of inviting them to do a bigger open house some time soon. Maybe around February or March? We'll see.
I've also been pinning a LOT on Pinterest. And not only pinning but actually doing projects I've pinned! That is such a satisfying feeling.
One of the things I pinned (and completed!) was an apron for Audrey. I used this tutorial: and created this: Apron for Audrey
and this:
Tool belt/apron for Easton
These two little items might not look like much but they are HUGE accomplishments for me! First, I went to the store, bought the fabric, came home and had these completed the VERY NEXT DAY! Sorry for the all caps here but seriously, if you only knew what a huge thing this is for me, you'd be yelling in happiness too! And the second reason this is a big deal is I have a love/hate relationship with sewing. I know next to nothing about my machine and when it works, I love it. But boy, when it doesn't ... that's another story entirely. I still need lots of practice and you can tell if you look very closely at anything I've sewn. But I sure am proud of these two little projects.
Here's hoping you have a productive week!

Friday, December 2, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

My kids love the craft room. They are very excited when I tell them that I have to work because it means they can "work" too. They like to do puzzles, work with pipe cleaners or pompoms, color, play cars or watch movies while I'm doing my thing. I'm really enjoying this room and am hoping that having my dedicated "craft room"/work space, that I can be more creative and productive than ever.
I'm currently trying to decide whether or not I want to do craft shows. I would hate to be gone all weekend, every weekend so I'm going to have to really limit myself on how many I do. I may try one and if I'm successful then I might continue.
In other news, I cannot even believe that Christmas is 23 days away. Holy smokes! Where did this year go? I'm happy to say we've (meaning I) got most of the shopping done for our family. Well, not for our extended family. That I will have to do closer to Christmas I think. I'm excited because we got the kids a new wooden play kitchen for their "big" gift this year. It was either that or a dog and I don't think I'm quite ready to commit to the dog just yet. Soon but not quite yet.
Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet? If not, I can suggest a few things from Studio 456. :)
Have a great day today. I need to get a move on! Lots of stuff to do and not much time to do it. Daylight's a wastin'!