Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

2012? That just sounds weird. Of course, I still feel like 1990 was only like 10 years ago. :) Saw that on Pinterest and had to laugh because I totally do still feel this way. Does that mean I'm getting old? Jason and I stayed home as always. We had a fun night. Appetizers for dinner, watching the ball drop on tv, champagne and a kiss at midnight and then right to sleep.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? We did but nothing too extravagant.
  • Go to church. Really. Quit TALKING about going to church and just do it.
  • Be more present and PLAY more with the kids. When did we get too busy to play?
  • Keep the house neater. This one's gonna be the toughest.
  • Eat healthier and exercise more. No specific weight goals. Just get healthier.
  • And go to bed earlier. Seriously. Mama needs her sleep!

And that's about it. I would add two more personal goals and those are to:

  • Open the Studio 456 Etsy shop and
  • Keep up with this blog.

2012 is sure to be better than 2011. We were sick more in the last year than in all seven years J and I have been married, I think! No way that could happen two years in a row, right? Happy New Year!

Oh, and I'm also going to try to do this photo challenge: (of course, I found it on Pinterest too.)

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